Anne Meis Knupfer, historian and writer


What do history books, poetry, and children’s stories have in common? They all require a great deal of commitment, devotion, and imagination. (In history, it’s referred to as “historical imagination.”) They all require research — yes, even children’s stories and poems — although history books are the most labor intensive.  I once calculated that I have spent at least 5,000 to 8,000 hours researching, writing, editing, and proofing a history book. All require editing, editing, and more editing. I have joked that writing is not just a labor of love but a love of labor!

I write all of these kinds of books. I am both a scholar and creative writer, and refuse to be boxed into one category.  Sometimes they inform one another.  For example, I am now writing historical picture books of women I have researched for my history books. Some of my poems are historical in subject matter, too.

Step inside my website. I hope you enjoy the excerpts from some of my poems and children’s stories, and also find my history books of interest.

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