Poetry and Translations

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Poetry manuscripts in progress: Facts of Imagination, The Year of Summer, Forms of Meditation

Excerpts, Kumbum Monastery, Late November


I am here alone,

slowly drinking tea cups

of joyful darkness.


I must belong here.

Even washing tea cups

brings me great joy.


I wake up at night.

The center of my being

moves far beyond me.


Excerpt, Empiricism

Can we hear the snow?

Or the dust settling

on tables and chairs,

like mounds of snow?

Or the mouths of two

lovers who do not kiss?

Or words they forget

to say but never miss?

Or bird wings that

flutter in lieder?

Or hands, skittish

as birds, that fill

the page with words?


Excerpt, Blue Heron

A woman writes a letter

to a lover she has never met.

Her thin hands — their veins

the pulsing blue of irises —

scribble a shoreline of words:

 dearest, affectionately, ever.

She thinks she knows this man

who loves all things he does

not know he will become.

She blots the watery blue ink,

watches her words turn to violet,

seals the letter with melted wax.


If only she could be like him,

the blue heron hovering over

the stream, swooping down

to the cove where water turns

green to black, moss to shadow.